VIVO is a word that connotes “life” in several languages. We VIVO photographers strive to observe and visually interpret the life that surrounds us, and we hope, through our photography, to challenge and enrich conventional perceptions of our world. Our collective’s members carry diverse backgrounds and experiences, and their work spans and often blends the genres of street photography, documentary, photojournalism and fine art photography. We also think it’s essential to actively contribute to the ongoing international conversation about photography, so we welcome any inquiries to participate in public forums, festivals, publications and exhibitions.


All images displayed here are copyrighted to their creator and may not be reproduced without the consent of that individual.

General copyright law

Under law, it is the photographer who will own copyright on any photos he/she has taken, with the following exceptions:
If the photographer is an employee of the company the photos are taken for, or is an employee of a company instructed to take the photos, the photographer will be acting on behalf of his/her employer, and the company the photographer works for will own the copyright.
If there is an agreement that assigns copyright to another party.
In all other cases, the photographer will retain the copyright.

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