Biography of Diego Bardone

His portfolio

I was born in Milan in 1963.

My photographic passion grew up when I was about 25, I worked for an Italian newspaper for a few years, then life brought me “somewhere else” but my passion never died, so haven’t been on the streets in ages (more than 15 years). I got my first digital camera one year ago, so I consider myself as a newbie and I’m more than pleased to be part of this project.

In my thoughts there is nothing better than being in front of a B&W photography: you can’t run away, you may close your eyes but in the end, be sure it won’t disappear like an image on a screen and you just have to look at it. Some black, some white and in the middle a never ending grey scale…that’s life. That’s the way to keep our memory alive for those coming next. That’s me, my passions and my little works.

Robert Doisneau and Mario Giacomelli, just to name few, those I like more…

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