Biography of Laurent Roch

His portfolio

When I look at this photograph, it opens up inside me feelings of wonderment at the beauty of everyday life.
My aim, as much as possible, is to portray, without being too clichéd, the poetry and also the harshness of everyday life. An unexpected gesture, a look tainted with sadness, an amusing stance. Something which makes you think, or a special moment are all worth stopping for a moment to take in and appreciate. To make the most of this special moment, that in a second will have disappeared.

I took my first steps into photography thanks to my father, who introduced me to the basics of the skill when I was very young. Each time I press the shutter and take a photograph, it is almost as if he were there with me. All those wonderful moments spent with a Cartier-Bresson, a Brassaï, a Doisneau, Lartigue, Ronis, Riboud or Hans Silvester… So much more than simple sources of inspiration .

I will leave you to discover my pictures in colour and black an white, which reflect my vision of humanity and the world around us. Enjoy the journey !




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