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Lev_TsimringPhysicist/photographer, born in Russia in 1959, based in USA (San Diego) since 1992. For whatever reason (lack of time and/or inspiration, mainly) you can rarely find San Diego in my photos. I mostly shoot when I travel (and I do travel a lot, thanks physics :) ). Photography for me is not a profession, but it is not a mere hobby, either. It is the way to see the world – by world I mostly mean its human race – and also communicate what I see. Composition is less important to me than emotion, and the more fleeting and subtle the emotion is, the better. That’s what photography is for, no? And above all I love it when my photos make you smile… not laugh, but smile. I hope you smile at least once while browsing my portfolio.

In the last few years I published a book “Through my eyes” (DEKOM, Russia, 2005), had several group and solo shows in San Diego and one solo show at the Russian Museum of Photography (Nizhni Novgorod, Russia). I am a member of La Jolla Art Association. If you are interested in my photos, please contact me at the email below.

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