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“An ordinary day” the new book by Umberto Verdoliva  to buy it write to [email protected]
Price € 20,00 plus shipping
Format 22,5 x 21 cm, 107 pages, 88 pictures
First edition © Le Rondini, Signed by author
A part from book’s preface
“…Umberto Verdoliva seems, to our mind, an unusual and somewhat surprisingly positive case, considering today’s panorama, that leads us to have faith in the future of Street Photography. That is why the Mignon group has decided to promote his work, drawing freely from his archives and arranging his works according to a logic that we might describe as ‘emotional’. In Umberto’s photographic eye, we see the curiosity typical of those who – while following up their creative impulse – feel that they still have to measure up to those who went before, to see what paths they took, and grasp their inspiration, in the awareness that they have only to gain by doing so. In Verdoliva’s masterly visual lucidity, consisting of many small works that are often still in progress, we can see several aspects of our own research. In his prolific relationship with history and the authors of the past, we capture that study on light, against the dim backdrop of contemporary photographic production, that makes us optimistic….”