Like many photographers, I’m a big fan of photography books. Over the years I’ve spent many dollars on them (more, perhaps, than what was good for me). I occasionally tell myself to rein in my craving for just one more book, but then something new is published that I have to have, and another volume is added to my already sagging bookshelves.

That brings me to Errata editions. They publish copies of rare photography books at reasonable prices, so they simultaneously satisfy the needs of book enthusiasts while leaving a few dollars left in our pockets. Over the last few years Errata has published copies of hard to find books by William Klein, Paul Graham, Koen Wessing, Yutaka Takahashi, and others. One of my favorites is Drum, by Krass Klement. All of that great book’s photographs were taken on a single evening in an Irish pub, and it contains one of the saddest sequences of photographs I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, for all of you book lovers, here’s is a link to Errata Editions.

Ed Peters