For about 2 years in the late 1970’s I was a bus driver in an American Midwestern city. Part of that job involved driving school routes in the mornings and afternoons. In 1979, toward the end of my professional driving career, I began asking kids if I could photograph them. We would wait until all the other kids had exited the bus, and then I would shoot a few images. The project didn’t go far. I shot only a few rolls of film over a period of about a month, and only a handful of the frames were interesting. Had my employers known what I was doing, I would certainly have been disciplined, if not dismissed. But now, almost 40 years later, when these children are themselves middle-aged, I think we’re all safe from legal and emotional repercussions. The first shot is of me, taken by one of my passengers – judging from the angle, one of the younger kids.